Meet The Trainers

At CrossFit Brookings you will receive daily individualized training from experienced CrossFit coaches with a passion for training and teaching. 








Riley Hestermann


Riley began his CrossFit journey in Afghanistan while deployed with a Search and Rescue unit. It was there that he found this new way of working out that was exciting, varied, incredibly effective. Thus began a path that would ultimately bring him to the point of owning his own Box. 


Riley has helped start two military affiliates (Shogun CrossFit and CrossFit Undisclosed) and as been coaching athletes in the CrossFit world for the last five years. He is an L1 and Olympic Lifting certified coach. 


His favorite WOD is "The Sevens" but he hates OH squats. 



Thomas Cox
Tommy has recently started Crossfit in January 2015, but in that time has become very enthusiastic about Crossfit's constantly changing workouts (variety is the spice of life!) and the emphasis on everyday functional movements.

Tommy is by far our shortest trainer, but his little legs can run for miles - he recently completed a 50k trail race in June.
His favorite WOD is "Filthy Fifty" or anything with burpees, but his arch nemesis is the double-unders/ jumprope.





Meggie Fischer


With the encouragements of her then boyfriend (Clint), Meggie decided to join CrossFit Brookings when it opened in 2014.  Meggie tricked Clint into proposing during a well-attended partner WOD. Meggie and Clint were married in July, 2015.    


In addition to her L1, Meggie has her 200-hour yoga certification. Yoga serves as an excellent counter to the intensity associated with CrossFit. You'll find it woven into the classes she coaches and reap the benefits.


Meggie's ideal workout would include heavy deadlifts, heavy squat cleans, and a few bar muscle-ups (*NOT ring muscle-ups...someday). Also, she'd just as soon go home when strength for the day is strict press.










Mackenzie Foss












Alison Hestermann


Alison was introduced to CrossFit through Riley's slightly obsessive nature with it and jumped right in with both feet. While stationed in Okinawa, Japan, Alison also became a trainer with Shogun CrossFit and received her L1 and Olympic Lifting certification. 


Alison is also a certified CrossFit Kids instructor who has a real passion for teaching youth and women. Alison CrossFitted throughout both of her pregnancies and was grateful for the strength it gave her. 


Her favorite WOD is "Annie" and dislikes heavy squat cleans.







Hugo Estes


Hugo started CrossFit in 2012 after becoming bored with the "traditional" style of lifting. He has been a trainer with CrossFit Brookings since they opened and has worked his way to the Director of Operations position. 


Hugo is thrilled about how CrossFit is changing the fitness world and passionate about helping people reach their fitness, health and wellness goals.


His favorite WOD is "Annie" or anything short and fast, NO CHIPPERS! He really dislikes snatching but enjoys a heavy clean and jerk.  





Nathan Loehr
Nate’s journey into CrossFit began out of boredom of the same workouts week after week. Having begun chasing after physique and strength at the age of 14 he needed something new.
5 years ago one of his friends invited him to run a 12 mile military style obstacle course. The training was intense and different. After running 3 of these events Nate decided he was ready for more intensity in his training. Thankfully, a friend had been pushing him to try CrossFit. Nate jumped into CrossFit without ever looking back. Nate pursued his L1 in December of 2014. Coaching people into greater strength and ability has been a true privilege.
Nates favorite WOD is Chelsea, who doesn’t like a 30 minute WOD!?!? His nemesis is thrusters… enough said!











Clint Fischer


Clint began CrossFit in 2013 after hearing "you've sure swelled up after college" too much.  He is excited to again be a part of a like-minded fitness community after playing football at the University of Sioux Falls.


Clint is not new to working out or coaching athletes. He has a contagious passion for CrossFit and will be heading up our High School athlete program. 


His favorite WOD is "McGhee" because nothing beats a deadlift/box jump combination; and he's not a fan of lunges of any type. 







Jessie Gildemaster







Kevin Andersen

Kevin began his CrossFit journey after seeing the CrossFit Games on TV. He was able to join a local gym in a town nearby and fell in love with CrossFit. He loves the intense atmosphere and how hard the workouts are.


He ultimately likes the constant variance that CrossFit has brought to fitness. Since his CrossFit journey started Kevin has received his L1 certification and continues to enjoy growing as a coach and competitive athlete.


Kevin’s favorite WOD is Kalsu because he is obsessed with burpees. He hates OH squats with a passion.

Katie Crevier

Katie grew up in a very athletic family. She began her CrossFit journey watching her older brothers and her cousins engage in CrossFit workouts. Being the younger sister she wanted to be able to do what her brothers did so she started CrossFit.


She always wanted to be the best she could be in every aspect of fitness and CrossFit was the perfect fit. CrossFit has helped her pursue her goals in fitness and she loves the constant variety CrossFit brings. 


Katie's favorite WOD is Annie because she loves quick workouts and double unders. She doesn't enjoy burpees but makes herself do them often so she'll start to like them:)